Fairy Butter

Fairy Butter

If you never heard of fairy butter before you are not alone. I never heard of fairy butter until about a week ago. Now I love it. It was also a big hit at a brunch with friends yesterday. At the brunch it was served with rolls and bagels.

The recipe is actually very simple, just 4 ingredients. Butter, cooked egg yolks, rosewater ( or orange blossom water) and a little sugar. Such simple ingredients, but the final result was almost magical. After tasting it, I ended up making a second batch right away. It was really good. Even better than expected and I wanted to have enough for everyone to sample at brunch.

I subscribe to a newsletter from Altas Obscura. Please check out their website. They recently posted the recipe for fairy butter with its history. That is where I found the recipe. It was popular during Colonial days. The mixture is pressed through a fine sieve that will produce golden threads. The recipe also suggested decorating your fairy butter with edible flowers. I was lucky to have plenty to choose from in my garden. I used pansies, elderberry flowers, false strawberries and perennial geraniums. I had recently received rose water from a friend, so it seemed natural to make something with it. Almost fateful.

Now I want to host a tea party, just to try fairy butter on scones and crumpets!!!

So here is the recipe. Enjoy! And don’t forget to check out Atlas Obscura. I even have their book on obscure recipes. Fun site.

Fairy Butter

2 hard cooked egg yolks

1 Tablespoon rosewater or orange blossom water – I used rosewater

2 teaspoons sugar – you could probably use honey or maple syrup if you prefer

1 stick- 4 oz. of butter, softened I used salted butter

Combine the first 3 ingredients, blending until smooth. The original recipe suggested using a mortar and pestle. I just used a mixing fork and later a small spatula. Then add in the butter and mix until smooth. Now press the mixture through a fine sieve to produce thin, golden threads. Decorate with edible flowers. (This is where I ended up going off recipe a little. I wasn’t happy with how it looked at first. I think my butter might have been too soft. Maybe I should have used a mortar and pestle. In any event, I ran it through the sieve a few times before I liked the way it looked. I placed the fairy butter on a round dish and decorated with edible flowers.)


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