New Challenge

How long can you go without a trip to the grocery store? How much food do you toss every year because it goes bad? What is the best way to store foods for later use?

I decided to walk the walk this year. Since I teach canning and dehydrating and I support the use of local foods I decided to start the new year with a new challenge for myself. I want to see just how long I can go without going to the grocery store. I’ve been doing an inventory of what I have. I have a couple of cases of canned tomatoes along with canned carrots, pickle relish, pie fillings and preserves. I also have a good supply of winter squash thanks to my sister in Michigan and Carl from Blue Pike Farm. Besides what I like to think is a pretty well-stocked pantry I also have plenty of herbs and spices and proteins in the freezer. With the new dehydrator (thanks Jonathan) I was able to dry lots of fruits and vegetables.

I will admit that I grabbed some produce yesterday. I do want to be able to eat healthy. I also will share my success in making them last. In the weeks ahead I’ll have to keep it interesting and I’ll invite people over for dinner every week. I’ll also share recipes and tips on making food last.

My goal is to go at least until the end of January. With luck and support I may even make it to the first of March. Heck, people in cold climates did this for centuries- how hard can it be?

I hope to hear from you on meal suggestions and for topics you want to hear about. 🙂

Happy New Year!

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