The Challenge-Green Bags

Well my decision to not go to the grocery store for at least a month or two is pretty easy right now. Plenty of fresh produce still. I did stock up last week. As the weeks go on I want to have fresh produce for as long as possible. I am trying out “Green Bags”. These are not just bags that are green, but bags that claim to take the ethylene gas out and keep produce fresh longer. Well, that’s the claim.

I will say that I have used them before and they seem to work on a lot of produce. There are rules. Produce must be chilled already and blemish-free. It also can’t get too wet in the bags. You have to blot moisture out with paper towels or leave a paper towel in the bag. I recently used a green bag on some sweet peppers. I had them in the fridge for at least 3 weeks and they were perfect when I took them out.  I have had less wonderful results on other things.

My plan for today is to go to the basement fridge with green bags in hand and bag up all the fresh produce that I have. I’ll leave some in conventional bags as well and I’ll keep you posted on how they fair.  I am intrigued myself. If any of you have used them I’d like to here about it.

Green bags were originally sold on line. Now you can get them at all kinds of stores. Often they are sold in the “as seen on TV” section of the store. There are different brands, too. I do not get them for free- I am buying them myself so any reports I give are solely my own.

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