Lemon Cake with Candied Violets

Lemon cake with candied violets

This was one of the desserts from last night’s dinner. The lemon cake was baked in a tube pan then cooled and frosted with lemon glaze and candied violets.   I used violets from my yard.

Candied Violets

Clean, dry pesticide-free violets (not African violets)

Powdered , Pasteurized egg whites


extra fine sugar*

Reconstitute egg whites according to package directions. Using a small brush paint the blossoms with the egg whites and then dip them into the sugar. Place on clean surface and allow to  dry. This will take a couple of days. Store in a cool, dry place. I actually store mine in the freezer. Use to decorate cakes and other pastries.

Candied Violets

*Note: If you don’t have extra fine sugar you can place granulated sugar in a food processor and pulse several times. Be careful not to process too long or you will have powdered sugar!

Note: Other edible flowers and flower petals can also be candied. I like to candy rose petals.

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