The Challenge: The Last Supper

Foraged salad

It is hard to me to believe it’s been almost 3 full months of not going to the grocery store. Entertaining is the most challenging. Friday night’s fish dinner is officially the last dinner for me during this moratorium on shopping.

First I have to thank Melanie and Bob Novak, Kathy and Randy Sposito, Carl Skalak, Sue Larick and Parker for making the evening great. Special thanks to Melanie and Kathy for doing the dishes. Thanks, too for the flowers!!

I have had fish dinners the last 3 Fridays and I must say this one was a grand finale. For appetizers we had Spinach quiches in phyllo cups and a pizza cheese dip. I managed to make a salad totally from plants harvested for m my yard.

The salad included hosta leaves, dandelion, lovage, fennel leaves, violet leaves and flowers, mint, lemon balm, chard, ramps and tulip petals. Yes, tulip petals. They taste a little like Bibb lettuce. I dressed the salad with chive blossom vinegar and olive oil. Hats off to my guests for being open enough to try it. They also enjoyed the salad!! We also had pickled beets, line caught Atlantic Cod and Haddock, scalloped potatoes with caramelized onions and purple asparagus fresh from Blue Pike Farm (thanks, Carl.)

Dessert was a cobbler made from apples and pears and a lemon cake decorated with candied violets. I’ll be posting recipes soon.

Thanks to all of the people who have been reading my blog and commenting on it.


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