hudson cooking camp

Hudson Cooking Camp- A Very Fun Week

Making pancakes is serious business

I have spent the last week cooking with about 20 kids. I look forward to cooking camps every summer. I love working with kids. During the week, the kids made pizza- from scratch. They all participated in making the dough, rolling it out, and adding toppings.

We also cooked with tortillas, made our own soda, made breakfast foods like pancakes and waffles, baked and decorated 152 cupcakes, and played around with molecular gastronomy.

In case you are curious, for the molecular gastronomy, we made a classic bechamel sauce and added cheese to it, for classic mac and cheese. We also made a batch of cheese sauce using sodium citrate, for a smoother sauce. The kids got to try both, to see which they preferred. The vote was split. Most of the kids preferred the creamier sauce made with sodium citrate,  but plenty still liked the classic  version a little more.

The kids really were a joy to work with.

Here are a few pics from the week.

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