Martha Merrick’s Shortbread Recipe

Martha Merrick’s Shortbread

Martha Merrick’s Shortbread

I have wonderful memories of the first time I had these cookies. I was with my friend, Martha and she had just made a batch of them. We were in her little apartment near Cleveland State University. Martha rarely baked, so they were even more of a surprise.

Shortbread cookies have always been a favorite of mine. Martha explained that her grandmother gave her the recipe. They were perfect shortbread cookies.

There is a dark side to the story, though. I published the recipe and gave Martha’s grandmother credit. Martha was named after her grandmother, so they were both named Martha Merrick. The problem was, that after the recipe was out there, Martha told me the actual recipe had come from a friend of her grandmother. There it was. I had shared the recipe but didn’t credit the person who originally made them.

I felt bad, but it was too late at that point. She had never mentioned this other woman before. I would give her credit now, but I don’t remember her name.

So there it is. The dirty secret I have carried for years. I have learned to forgive myself. And I still make the cookies.  They really are wonderful.


Martha Merrick’s Shortbread

1 c. sugar, plus extra for sprinkling

2 c. butter

4 c. flour

Cream together sugar and butter. Stir in flour and press into 9×13-inch baking dish. Sprinkle with extra sugar and cut into squares. Bake in a 300 degree oven for an hour or until light brown around edges. Re-cut while warm. Makes 4 dozen.


Rest in peace, Martha. I will love you forever.

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