pasta soup recipe

The Challenge- Leftover Soup

Leftover Soup

Leftover Soup

Since I have made the commitment to not go to the grocery store I have become more aware of wasting food. I try to use as much of what I have and to throw out as little as possible. I am pretty good about using or preserving fresh food. Leftovers can be problematic. I was in the mood for soup last night as the snow flew outside of my window. I had no idea what kind of soup to have so I went looking in my fridge. I had stock but I needed to find something to put in the stock. I managed to find some cooked beans, a little leftover chicken, some pasta and baby bok choy. The end result was a wonderful, satisfying batch of soup. I could never make the exact same thing again, but that is OK. I liked it and the next time I make leftover soup I’ll probably like it, too. I think that may be my weekly routine for a while. I’ll clean out the fridge and use the leftovers to make soup. The nice thing about leftover soup is that the more stuff you have the better it gets.

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